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            As a manufacturing enterprise specialized in producing blower and fan, dust remover and muffler, Wwndeng Maxpower Ventilator CO.,LTD, (Wendeng Blower & Fan Factory) attaches much more importance to technical service and after-sales service. What's more, on quality aspect, the company lists entering factory and leaving factory of raw material, product discharging, transporting, installing and debugging into ISO9000 program control range.
            I. After-sales Service
            1. Seriously carry out "Three Guarantees" regulation. During the efficient period of "Three Guarantees", with regard to any problems concerning quality, we will hurry to the site to repair and maintain it within 48 hours.
            2. Ex-factory products are guaranteed for one year and within the guarantee period, replacing wearing parts is free of charge.
            3. Guide the users to install products and provide debugging and free technical training according to contract. Necessary spare parts and special tools are also provided in accordance with the contract.
            4. Our factory carries out life-time service system and provides fittings at cost of production regarding products over the guarantee period.

            II. Technical Service
            1. When signing contract, the sales person carries through pre-service on site to answer questions raised by users, understand users' operating requirements on products, assure technical real intentions with acoup sur and keep a record.
            2. Within one week of contract-signing, the technical department answers all the questions raised by users by means of fax, telephone or visiting users' units and keep a record.
            3. When delivering the goods, technicians will be assigned to guide installation on site, carry through training on maintenance and operation personnel with no charge, hand out operation instruction and relevant material as well as keep a record.
            4. Regarding all the questions raised by users, the technical department must answer in time, understand the situation, keep a record and solve the problems.
            5. Technical service hot line:

            Tel: 0631-8730586

            Fax: 0631-8731098

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            Tel:0631-8731030 Fax:0631-8731098 Add:Zhangjiachan Station, Wengdeng,Weihai P.C.:264407
            Traffic Estimator E-mail:wdfjc@263.net
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